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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Dear friends,

Welcome to the official page of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria to Romania!

Bulgarian-Romanian relations date back to more than 130 ago, their legal base in the new circumstances is the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Good-neighborliness, signed on January 27th, 1992. At present the relations between the two countries are characterized by an active dialogue at all levels – political, economic and cultural. Bulgaria and Romania are partners in EU, NATO and other international organizations, coordination of positions and mutual support on the international scene have become a common practice.  

We are pleased with the rising development of trade and economic relationsand we hope to keep up this trend in the future. The turnover between Bulgaria and Romania in 2003-2011 period has increased eightfold. In the last few years Romania has occupied the first place on the list of foreign tourists visiting Bulgaria. The number of Bulgarian tourists visiting Romania is also growing. We are satisfied with the development of cross-border cooperation between the two countries, within the framework of which infrastructural, economic, cultural, ecological projects have been implemented, with the development of cooperation in the fields of transport, infrastructure, culture, education, internal affairs, security and defense. To support and foster bilateral contacts is of primary importance for the Embassy.

We hope that through the information on the e-page of our Embassy you will learn new and interesting facts about Bulgaria and about the development of Bulgarian-Romanian relations. I will be happy if that can enrich your knowledge on my country and thus be useful to you.

Todor Churov

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

of the Republic of Bulgaria to Romania

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