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Eighth meeting of Cubans who completed higher education in Bulgaria

04 April 2024 News

On 23th of March 2024, the Eighth Meeting of Cuban graduates of Bulgarian universities held in Havana. More than 130 Cuban citizens gathered for the meeting, some of whom came from other cities and countries.

The meetings have traditionally been held since October 2015, and the organization is on a rotational basis by the Embassy and the informal organizational council of the Cuban graduates of Bulgarian universities. This year the meeting was organized by the Bulgarian Embassy.

The Cuban attendees sang Bulgarian songs and recited their own Bulgarian translations of Jose Marti's poems.

The collection of materials for the publication of a book with stories and photos provided by Cuban graduates of Bulgarian universities, who present their experiences and emotions from the time of their stay in Bulgaria, continues. The Embassy remains committed to help with the publication and distribution of the book.


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