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About us

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Dear friends,

Welcome to the website of the Bulgarian embassy in the Republic of Croatia!

Here we have tried to publish comprehensive information about the staff of the mission and our activities, the ways, through which you can reach us, as well as the consular services, through which we assist the Bulgarian citizens in need.

For those of you who plan on visiting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created a dedicated section “I am traveling for…”. Through it you can in due time inform yourself about the formalities for entering the country, the visa requirements, the customs regulations, laws on road traffic and other important information. I urge you to get familiar with these details in advance, because the lack of knowledge about the rules of the foreign country can lead to serious troubles.

Aside from that, by registering in the section “I am traveling for…”, you will help the embassy to contact you in need and to give you better assistance in cases of emergency, like disasters and civil unrest.

I hope that with this service and the information published on this site we are of service to you and will help for your stay in to be nice and calm. In case you need other kind of information or assistance, the Bulgarian embassy in the remains at your service.


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