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08 July 2013 News

Consulate section of the Bulgarian Embassy in Sarajevo will not issue Bulgarian visas during the period from July, 8th 2013 to August, 11th 2013.

At that time all applicants for Bulgarian visa should apply in the consulate section of the Bulgarian Embassy in Belgrade.

During the period between July, 8th 2013 and August, 11th 2013 the Consulate section of the Embassy will work only for emergency issues, such as consular protection for Bulgarian and EU citizens, issuing temporarypassports and on other urgent and humanitarian cases.

We kindly ask for your understanding.


Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Belgrade, Serbia
Address: "Birchaninova" str. № 26, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
+381 11 36 13 980
+381 11 36 13 990
Оut-of-hours hotlines:
+ 381 11 3613980
+ 0381 11 36 13990
E-mail: [email protected]

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