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Biometric Data Collection

29 March 2013 News


Effective 01April, 2013 the Visa Information System (VIS) will be launched in Middle East. VIS was first launched in North Africa in October 2011 and is being progressively deployed in all EU Schengen States' consulates and embassies worldwide. The VIS is aimed at simplifying the visa application process and border control procedures as well as fighting the counterfeit of documents and theft of identity. Bulgariadecided to adhere to the implementation schedule

Under the VIS, mandatory fingerprinting is introducedfor ordinary passport holders. Consular sections must collect biometric data – fingerprinting of ten fingers - from all visa applicants. Consequently, all visa applicants, irrespective of nationality, shall be required to present themselves at the consular section of Consulate General of Bulgariain Dubai, .

The following categories of applicants are exempt from the requirement to provide fingerprints: 

(a) children under the age of 12; 

(b) persons for whom fingerprinting is physically impossible. If the fingerprinting of fewer than 10 fingers is possible, the maximum number of fingerprints shall be taken. However, should the impossibility be temporary, the applicant shall be required to give the fingerprints at the following application. The competent authorities shall be entitled to ask for further clarification of the grounds for the temporary impossibility; 

Basic Procedure 

Biometrics will be collected using a quick, discreet and non-intrusive process that captures a 10-digit fingerprint scan with a digital finger scanner. 

Applicantsshould ensure that their fingertips are free from any forms of decoration (henna, for example), abrasions or other markings, and that any facial cuts and bruises have healed or disappeared prior to providing their biometric data as these may affect their ability to provide acceptable finger-scans and photographs.

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