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Türkiye, Ankara, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

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Dear compatriots,

Dear friends of Bulgaria,

Welcome to the website of Your Embassy.

Bulgaria and Türkiye are neighbouring and friendly countries that share a common desire for a better future, for the prosperity and security of the peoples of our two countrıes. As neighbours, partners and allies in NATO, we have successfully built relationships based on trust, cooperation, mutual respect and common interests.

In its activities, the Embassy is guided by the belief that, along with the state political dialogue between Bulgaria and Türkiye, direct contacts between people, educational and cultural exchange, the development of trade and economic relations, investment opportunities and tourism are of particular importance.

Our mission works to expand and deepen the cooperation and relations between Bulgaria and Türkiye in all areas.

Among the primary tasks in our work is the protection of the rights and interests of the Bulgarian citizens in Türkiye. The high quality of consular services to our compatriots permanently living or traveling in Türkiye, as well as to the Turkish citizens visiting and developing activities in Bulgaria, are our priority.

Our ambition is for this website to be a reflection of the work style of our diplomatic mission - modern, result-oriented and in constant, interesting and useful dialogue with you. Therefore, we will greatly appreciate your ideas, suggestions and advice.


Sincerely yours, with respect and friendship,


Ambassador Anguel Tcholakov




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