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Dear visitors,

It is a particular honour for me to be in charge of the oldest Bulgarian official mission in the field of multilateral diplomacy and to represent my country in one of the world's diplomatic centres. As early as 1920 Bulgaria became a member of the first intergovernmental organization of a universal nature, the League of Nations, and in April 1921 the first Bulgarian diplomatic representative in Geneva took office. Since 1955, our country has been a full member of the United Nations.

My team and I strive to be worthy successors of this long-standing tradition of Bulgaria’s active involvement in multilateral cooperation at a time when humanity is facing new, hitherto unknown challenges: the coronavirus pandemic and its multifaceted consequences, climate change and related environmental concerns, the rapid development of new technologies and the emergence of new inequalities and humanitarian situations around the world….

Our leading priority is to partake on behalf of Bulgaria in the collective efforts aimed at effectively addressing these challenges, overcoming the difficulties and resolving the problems they create for people’s everyday live, ensuring effective respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, building a safer, fairer and more secure world for future generations. We also hope with our activity to be contributing to the improvement of life of the Bulgarians both at home and all over the world.

Another important ambition of ours is to maintain a continuous vibrant connection with our compatriots living in the city and canton of Geneva, as well as in the neighbouring cantons of the Swiss Confederation.

Last but not least, we are committed to maintaining and developing close relations of cooperation and interaction with the local and cantonal authorities in Geneva, in the interest of multilateral diplomatic activity and in view of further strengthening the long-standing friendly relations with our host country, Switzerland.

Welcome to the website of the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Bulgaria!


Yuri Sterk, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Bulgaria the UN office in Geneva and other international organisations in Geneva

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