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Dear visitors to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria,

I would like to start by stressing the fact that the distance between the two countries, located in the extreme Southern and Northern parts of the European continent, never constituted an obstacle for the Bulgarian and Norwegian people to seek and find ways to understand one another and be impressed and fascinated by their ancient history and rich cultural traditions.

The relations between Bulgaria and Norway, officially established way back in 1906, have been built on the basis of friendship and partnership and have overcome the challenges of history. Today both countries are united by shared values and by solving important problems for humanity - fighting terrorism, securing peace, freedom and democracy and equal opportunities for a decent life for everyone. Membership in NATO and partner relationships in the context of the European Economic Area are factors for strengthening the bilateral relations.

When speaking about the bilateral relations, I cannot help mentioning the main financial tools through which Norway supports Bulgaria's economic development and contributes for overcoming of the social disparities in enlarged Europe. These are the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, for which Norway provides 97 % of the funding and the Norwegian Programme for cooperation, economic growth and sustainable development. The second period of the two financial mechanisms was officially inaugurated on 12 September 2012 in Sofia by starting the implementation of six approved programmes for Bulgaria in the areas of green economy, the judiciary, institutional cooperation, children and youth at risk and civil society.

Dear compatriots, I know from long experience how important for you are the support and understanding you get from your Embassy. I say „your” because I am convinced that a Bulgarian Еmbassy, anywhere in the world, should be like a home for all Bulgarians living abroad.

I want to assure you that the Embassy of Bulgaria in Oslo is open both for you and for all Norwegian citizens and will give you advice and provide consular services beyond the formal limits of the working hours.

Today, Bulgaria and Norway face many common challenges which demand common solutions, which means that we have a common future. I believe that together, we, Bulgarians and Norwegians, can achieve more.


Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

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