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Rumen Alexandrov officially opened an exhibition of Bulgarian artists in the Hague

13 September 2019 News

Ambassador Rumen Alexandrov officially opened the exhibition "Change -Form & Nature" at the Kv2 gallery in the center of The Hague, representing the creativity of Bulgarian artists on September 12, 2019. Works from the following artists can be seen: the late Mihail Petkov, Snezhina Bisserova, Alexandra Dimitrova, Dimo Kolibarov, Vasil Kolev, Valentin Lekov and Kantcho Kanev who show how Bulgarian artists have made and still make works in a changing world. A special room is reserved for three works from the series In Sacris from Mihail Petkov, based on the story of the icons of the Kremikovtsi Monastery.

The exhibition reaches The Hague thanks to the Grafein Foundation and aims to acquaint the Dutch audience with the unknown, but widely used by the Bulgarian artists, siligraphy method, which is the transfer of images through photocopies and print copies.

The method allows drawings made on paper to be inverted in a mirror form on the printed form, and then printed identical to the original.

The exhibition is accompanied by workshops and will be open to the public from Thursday to Sunday until September 29.

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