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Bulgaria will reopen its consulate in Benghazy

29 March 2011 News

“Today’s meeting is a sign that the international community is united in protecting the civilian population in Libya against the brutal regime” said the Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nickolay Mladenov at the conference on the future of Libya, which took place on March 29th. According to him the main goals are the suspending of violence against civilians and the ceasefire throughout the territory of the country.

All parties who attended the conference agreed that Muammar Gaddafi lost legitimacy and should relinquish power. They welcomed the upcoming assumption of command of the operation in Libya by NATO. Bulgaria is ready to assist NATO operation under UNSC Resolution 1973 with naval capacity, humanitarian aid and medical teams.

"A real political process of national reconciliation and transition to democracy should be established in Libya. In this context, our country will expand its presence in Libya by reopening the Bulgarian consulate in Benghazi," said Nickolay Mladenov. According to the Bulgarian Foreign Minister for the success of the operation it is essential that the international community be united and better coordinated in its actions. Moreover, according to Mladenov, it is crucial that the mission has a consistent support of both countries in the region and the Arab League.

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