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Current control of the implementation of the project "Preservation and renovation of the library of the Jubran Khalil Jubran Museum"

07 August 2023 News

On July 19, 2023, Ms. Alexandrina Guigova, Chargé d’Affairs a.i. of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Lebanon and representatives of the diplomatic mission visited the city of Bsharre and carried out an ongoing control of the progress of the implementation of the second phase of the project "Preservation and Renovation of the Library of the Jubran Khalil Jubran Museum", which is financed under the Bulgarian Development Aid. At a meeting with Mr. Joseph Fenianos, Chairman of the National Committee "Jubran" and with Mr. Joseph Jaja, Executive Director of the Museum, the achieved progress and the implementation of the planned activities were noted.

An idea of what was done is given by the specially made film available at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13hpwz284GuG7HbvXOyBsmkFitiyrM0-e/view?usp=sharing/

The day of the visit in Bsharre of the representatives of the Bulgarian Embassy coincided with the preparation of an event to award certificates to the local students who participated in the current project, linked to the centennial (100th anniversary) of the creation of the famous work of the Lebanese artist "The Prophet". The ceremony on this occasion was also attended by Ms. Maya Tsenova - Head of the Bulgarian group, who worked on the realization of the previous successful project of the "Khalil Jubran" museum.

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