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Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the web pages of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Beirut!

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Lebanon in 1966 the relationship between the two countries can be characterized by two words - friendship and cooperation. Bulgarians know Lebanon through the numerous Lebanese citizens who received their higher education in various Bulgarian universities, through Lebanese investors in different sectors of the Bulgarian economy as well as through the cultural contacts and traditions of years of contacts between the two countries. Lebanese knows Bulgaria through the many tourists who travel each year on our Black Sea coast, through the various Bulgarian specialists who worked in Lebanon in the past, as well as through the community of Bulgarians who settled in Lebanon.

Bulgaria has supported Lebanon in difficult moments when the preservation of Lebanese national sovereignty, stability and security have been of paramount importance. This support has been repeatedly expressed at the highest level during visits by presidents, prime ministers and ministers on both sides. Bulgaria's membership of the European Union has opened new doors to cooperation with the countries of the Middle East, including Lebanon. An important role in this cooperation is played by numerous Bulgarian women who have created families in Lebanon as well as by the Association of Lebanese graduates from Bulgarian universities who consider Bulgaria as their homeland too and actively promote it in the country of cedars.

The Bulgarian Embassy in Beirut will be happy to offer assistance to Bulgarian citizens who visit Lebanon in case of need.

As Ambassador, I will put the necessary time and effort facilitate political, economic and cultural contacts between Bulgaria and Lebanon and to open up new areas of mutually beneficial cooperation.




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