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The Republic of Iraq, Baghdad, Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

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Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Republic of Iraq.
Bulgaria has had an embassy in Iraq since 1958 when were established diplomatic relations between the two countries. In 2003 Bulgarian diplomats were evacuated before the military operation against Saddam Hussein's regime. In the beginning of 2013 Bulgarian diplomatic mission in Bagdad resumed its work after 10 years interruption. 
Iraq is among the traditional trade partners of Bulgaria in Middle East. A grate number of Bulgarian companies have long-standing experience in the country, where had built important projects for the Iraqi economy.
Bulgaria supports all international efforts regarding the stabilization of Iraq, the reconciliation of the Iraqi society, the reconstruction of economical infrastructure and improving of the living standards and living conditions of Iraqi people.
Trade and Economic Office has been opened in the Embassy since 2014, which works in Erbil, an administrative centre of Iraqi region of Kurdistan.

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