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About us

Dear compatriots, esteemed guests,

I welcome you to the internet page of the Consulate General of Republic of Bulgaria in Thessaloniki.


In the past few decades the Republic of Bulgaria and the Hellenic Republic have developed strong relations of friendshipand are now close partners in the efforts to deal with the hardships and challenges of the economic crisis.

Throughout its long history the Consulate General has proven that it is a respected and competent institution with efficient activities and palpable achievements in promoting the interests of Bulgarian citizens in Northern Greece and within the Consular Region. Our considerable accomplishments in the political, economic, cultural and educational fields have also been highly recognized by the state authorities both in our country and in Greece.

It is our mission to continue to offer assistance to Bulgarian citizens and foreign nationals by providing prompt and efficient consular services. It is also within our priorities to boost trade and investments to and from our country, to help establish and develop mutually beneficial cooperation and relations between regional authorities, cultural institutions and last but not least - the citizens of our countries. We are also concerned with the completion of a wide array of infrastructural projects that will further facilitate the travel of people and the transfer of goods and energy.

If you are in need of  assistance or additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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