State Institute for Culture at the Minister of Foreign Affairs

State Institute for Culture at the Minister of Foreign Affairs



To be an integrated part of international cultural relations and to support the successful implementation of the priorities of Bulgaria's foreign affairs through cultural diplomacy.


- To take part in creating a positive image of Bulgaria as a modern country with a wealth of ancient and a vibrant contemporary culture, as well as of a country with potential to contribute to global intercultural dialogue.

- To work towards and contribute to the promoting the significance and role of Bulgaria as an active partner in international cultural cooperation.

- To support the efficient use of resources deriving from Bulgaria's increased international reputation towards expanding the country's cultural presence abroad.

- To support the implementation of regional foreign policy priorities.


- Supports programmes and projects with emphasis on cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue - a high priority area on the European Union's agenda.

- Encourages the establishment of direct links between Bulgarian cultural operators and their counterparts abroad to the end of creating opportunities for the successful integration of the national culture on the European and world cultural scene.

- Supports and works towards the priority implementation of cultural projects and programmes as an element of the transformation of cultural cooperation into integrated intercultural dialogue in keeping with the European Union's cultural agenda.

- Develops the strategy and supports the coordination of the international activities of government and nongovernmental organisations dedicated to international cultural policy.

- Encourages cultural organisations active in the field to broaden their geographic parameter in promoting Bulgaria and increasing interest to its history, culture and contemporary cultural arena.

- Stimulates and offers professional assistance to Bulgarian diplomatic missions in the implementation of bilateral and multilateral cultural projects and events.

How Do You See Bulgaria?, 2007l
ight box, 150/106/15 cm, opal plexiglass, neon lamps, PVC foil



POLICY FOR PROCESSING AND PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA IN THE ACTIVITIES OF THE INSTITUTE, THE “MISSION” GALLERY AND THE PUBLIC RELATIONS OF THE STATE INSTITUTE FOR CULTURE AT THE MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRSThe State Institute for Culture conducts all joint projects with partners, the work of our gallery, and our public relations taking all measures for protection of personal data of individuals in accordance with the requirements and rules of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of...


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