Legal Notice

Legal Notice


Legal notice

This is the official Internet page of the State Institute for Culture at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria according to article 10, paragraph 3 of the Law on e-governance. When use this page, you must take into account the following:

Content of the Internet page:

The content of the informational resources, situated on the above mentioned page, is in accordance with the requirements of the operative legislation in Republic of Bulgaria. In the cases of discrepancy, lack of topicality, untrustworthiness or non-reliability of released information we expect to contact with us immediately. The law-natured information, situated on our page has no the character of a law consulting, but is conceded just to notify you. Caused damages in consequence of taken legal or factual actions just on the basis of the information, released on our Internet page, are entirely on the account of persons took that sort of actions.

 Responsibility for the written texts of third persons:

 The State Institute for Culture is not responsible nor for the compliance, reliability or topicality of the content of third persons’ informational resources, pointed out by the electronic references of this Internet page, neither for the conformity of the activity of the above mentioned third persons. In the cases of electronic references towards non-topical, incorrect or incomplete informational resources, either towards contravening the local operative legislation resources we request to contact with us directly.


Software, providing the functions of this Internet page, as well as its design (including the all situated on it information), as far as they are not a public information, is an object of copyright. No one part of the objects of protection may be reproduced, translated, changed or used in any way, without the prior written permission of the State Institute for Culture

Personal data:

Personal data are collected through this Internet page and are processed by the State Institute for Culture solely for the needs of the supply of electronic administrative services under strict observation of the requirements of the Law on e-governance and the Law on Personal Data Protection. Collecting and processing of personal data for other purposes proceeds voluntarily and just after explicitly consent of the supplying persons under observation of the requirements of the Law on Personal Data Protection.