National Academy of Art

National Academy of Art

The cooperation with the National Academy of Art is one of the most dynamic lines in the partnership projects of the State Institute for Culture.

The Academy Gallery often hosts the Institute's exhibitions such as the presentation of the collection of paintings at the Embassy in Paris Avenue Rap 1 (April 2006), or the exhibition "Traditions" by Alexander Mihailov (December 2007). And the largest exhibition of classical works from the CRD fund, dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the establishment of the Bulgarian diplomatic service in 2019. This exhibition has been prepared jointly with the departments of the Academy.

Student competitions have been organized - the competition for ex-libris on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Academy, and the provision of works for the creation of the traveling exhibition "Ex-libris". Poster competition on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Bulgaria's accession to NATO, logo competitions - 140 years of Bulgarian diplomatic service, logo of the Bulgarian Development Assistance Program, projects for anniversary stamps.

Presentations with various departments of the Academy are organized at the "Mission" gallery. Works by students and teachers from the departments "Metal", "Sculpture", "Fashion and Design", "Textile" and "Poster" and "Calligraphy" are presented.

The State Institute for Culture supports the international academic relations and projects of the Academy - awarding the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to Hugo Wooten, the Belgian patron who has a rich collection of Bulgarian plastic art, helped create the sculpture park at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Plastic Exposition at The National Art Gallery. National Academy of Art students took part in an international symposium in Istanbul. Making copies of the sculptural portrait of Pimen Sofiyski - the patron saint of artists - the work of the great Bulgarian sculptor Ivan Lazarov (1889 - 1952), providing them - for the collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Schreiner Foundation Germany.

The Department of Book and Printed Graphics is a partner of the State Institute for Culture in the preparation of the art calendar for 2008, which presents the development over the centuries of the Cyrillic alphabet - as a unique manifestation of the Bulgarian cultural identity. The participation of students in a series of seminars and exhibitions dedicated to the Cyrillic alphabet in the European Cultural Season 2008 in France is also being prepared.