Short video films on the topic of anti-Semitism and hate speech

Short video films on the topic of anti-Semitism and hate speech

Within the framework of the Bulgarian-Norwegian project for countering anti-Semitism, short video materials have been created to serve as a starting point for discussions about the contemporary dimensions of the language of hate, which also arises in direct connection with manifestations of anti-Semitism. In a meeting with 16 participants, we are looking for the supports that will help us break away from the vicious circle of intolerance and altered reality.

The historical lessons from the procession of propaganda clichés and the implementation of anti-democratic laws that dehumanize entire social groups are marked.

Antisemitism, Persecution, Salvation

What is the role of the media - even when they do not take sides in the discussions, do they not contribute to the deepening of the problems. The mechanisms of political speculation and encroachment on the rights of communities.

The judicial system and are we able to recognize in ourselves the processes of distortion.

The Voices that Stand Against Hate

Living with the signs of hatred in our environment, stereotypical speech, discriminatory gestures in an informal environment. The image of the city is another of the heroes of the video narrative. Which is the stronger message in its environment - the harmony of cultural monuments or anonymous graffiti?

The Symbols of Separation

The support in education, the recognition of humane foundations in the gestures of our predecessors.

The Power of Knowledge Against False Reality

Threats to us if we allow the voice of intolerance to prevail. Differences are the basis of diversity, which is the guarantee of development and improvement of society. Can you find the strength to learn from differences? The Bible law "Love Your Neighbor" is usually quoted abbreviated - the full version is "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself"

To Walk In Someone Else's Shoes


Author - Victoria Behar
Cinematographer - Dobromir Ivanov
Post-production - Martin Valchev