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"Contemporary graphic art from Asia" is visiting on March 7 at the Mission gallery


The present exhibition is the result of the traditional partnership between SBH and DKI and continues the idea of a long-standing joint initiative for the exchange of graphic collections, which we have named "The Graphics - Ambassador".

Like any major international exhibition, the Triennale in Sofia periodically shows us an impressive panorama of contemporary graphic art with its various directions, national schools and/or global trends universal to the entire graphic world.

Established in 1995, the International Triennial of Graphics in Sofia has established itself as a prestigious platform that gathers and presents the latest in the field of graphic art every three years. The 9th edition of the Triennale was held between December 6, 2023 and January 31, 2024 in all exhibition spaces of the renovated gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists - Sofia "Shipka" 6. The exhibition aroused great interest and raised various topics and questions, the answers to which we continue to search even after the closing of the Triennale.

Driven by the conviction that such a serious array of graphics from around the world should be socialized and shared with the public for a longer time, we decided to offer our esteemed partners and co-organizers from DKI the present exhibition, whose specific focus sheds light on graphics in several Asian countries.

Far from claiming to be exhaustive, the collection is a reflection of what arrived in Sofia and includes works by authors from Iran, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. With her, we want to pay special attention to the colleagues from Thailand, whose collective shipment arrived almost a month late, which significantly shortened her meeting with the public. Regardless of the fact that we were able to include the works in the future catalog, the current exhibition is another additional opportunity for connoisseurs to meet the mastery of the Thai graphic school.

Another feature of the exhibition, which gives it a special charm, is that it includes works by the two winners of the Grand Prize, from the last two editions of the Triennial. The Chinese author Zhang Hui, awarded the grand prix in the previous triennial, is visiting Sofia with his solo exhibition, from where we have selected two graphics, as well as the winner of the grand prize of the 9th Triennial - TAICHI KODAMA from Japan, whose solo an exhibition we will still have the opportunity to enjoy in three years.

The collection is distinguished by a wide variety of subjects, styles and methods of printing, further enriching the picture of graphic art, which has the special privilege of corresponding closely, both with centuries-old tradition and with the latest technological achievements.

The many awards of Bulgarian graphic artists around the world, including in Asia, as well as the magnificent works that we meet in this exhibition are another confirmation of the power of graphic art and its ability, easily overcoming borders, to be a worthy ambassador of culture.

The exhibition can be viewed from 7.03 to 29.03 in the Mission gallery at the State Cultural Institute of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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