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The Mission Gallery presents the exhibition "WORLD - ROOM" by Elena Anachkova


The State Cultural Institute under the Minister of Foreign Affairs honored Elena Anakchova with an award at the National Sculpture Exhibition in 2023, organized by the "Sculpture" section of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and she was invited to appear independently in the gallery as a sign of support for the development of young artists in our country.

On February 15, the exhibition "WORLD - ROOM" by Elena Anachkova will open in the "Mission" gallery. She was awarded a prize in last year's edition of the sculpture competition of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. One of the most representative events in the SBH calendar is the National Sculpture Exhibition, organized by the "Sculpture" section. The event is held once every two years, some of the most prominent plastic artists in Bulgaria have taken part in it, and it is extremely popular.
In last year's edition of the event, the artists who are members of the SBH, as well as young authors up to 35 years of age, were invited, and there was no requirement that they be primarily members of the union. The invitation provides an opportunity to present in one space the works of sculptors from different generations, to outline trends in contemporary sculpture, to notice young artists entering the art world. Elena Anachkova not only received a prize at the event, but was also awarded the Award of the State Cultural Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The exhibition "WORLD - ROOM" presents a series of compositions, each of which can be perceived as creating its own closed space or inhabiting the open, foreign, even exterior space. Most of the objects are clean, many of them are easy to understand at a glance - on the one hand understandable and interior, and on the other hand, able to be freed from their scale, mentally taken out of place. The similarities in shapes and juxtaposition of volumes create a common "place" - protected enough to be perceived as internal, and open enough to be perceived as external.
Each of these perceptions has a sensory and a mental aspect: the scale, shape, material and position of the objects carry information, but the viewer's comparison of them with his own scale, his own position and making sense of that part of their form which is not immediately visible, complements this knowledge. Each of the "places" created by one or more objects predisposes the viewer to feel or choose his place among them. Regardless of the proportions of the chosen group of objects, the presence of the viewer, through his attention to them, is between them. He inhabits the place they define.
The purpose of the exhibition is not to develop a composition into a pure object, not subject to redefining by perceptions, but to feel the inhabitability of each object and the whole that they create together: a place with the comfort of the closed and the freedom of the open. Because of the viewer's presence among them, the forms are not what he sees, but what he is prompted, by himself, to see through them.
Come to the "Mission" gallery on February 15 at the opening between 6-8 p.m. to see the exhibition "ROOM - WORLD" by Elena Anachkova.