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Meeting of Ambassador Anastasov with the CEO of the Center for Creative Technologies TUMO Marie Lou Papazian

28 September 2021 News

On September 9, 2021, Amb. Anastasov visited the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies in Yerevan, where he met with the CEO of TUMO. At the beginning of the visit, the physical capabilities of the center's building were shown, regarding training and development of students' abilities, as well as the spaces set aside for recreation and sports. Modern technological capacity and equipment were demonstrated, through which children have the opportunity to acquire and upgrade knowledge and experience, to develop their skills in foreign language learning, computer technology and software engineering, in the field of music,  cinematography, mathematics. It was pointed out that TUMO is actively operating both in Yerevan and has a network of TUMO centers outside the capital. TUMO is also represented abroad, where it has its external representations and is active. Such locations at this stage are France, Albania, Ukraine, Lebanon, Russia and Germany.

During the conversation, Ms. Papazian showed photos from the visit of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Rumen Radev, to TUMO Center Yerevan. Amb.  Anastasov noted that TUMO's mission is noble and focused on science, knowledge and professional orientation of young people, which is a solid foundation of modern dynamic society.  Amb. Anastasov highlighted that Bulgaria relies heavily on human potential and training of adolescents and in this area has specific experience and results that will be useful to be shared and jointly developed with TUMO Center. Amb.Anastasov stated that in the 21st century, creativity and partnership in the field of humanities and sciences, modern technologies are the key to overall progress.

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