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"Susie, the granddaughter of the N4 house" and "Jewish street - reconstruction" in a joint exhibition in the exhibition space The Triangle Tower


On February 12, 2024, the exhibition "Suzy, the granddaughter from the house of N4", presented by CULTURRAMA.ART, opens in the Triangular Tower - the exhibition space of the Sofia Regional History Museum.
"The Susie Project" is based on the book by Berlin-based writer, illustrator and teacher Birgitta Behr. The exhibition tells the true story of a Jewish girl from Berlin-Wilmersdorf who, together with her parents Steffi and Ludwig Kolm, went into hiding in October 1942 to avoid persecution by the National Socialist regime. The family survives, thanks to the help of a whole network of people who believe that the good is worth the risk.
The State Cultural Institute participated in the implementation of "Suzy" within the project for countering anti-Semitism and preserving Jewish heritage under the Bilateral Fund of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The exhibition in the Triangle Tower also includes multimedia materials from the exhibition "Jewish Street - Reconstruction" and video messages about the threats of today's manifestation of intolerance and how we build resistance forces.