Access to Public Information

Prerequisites and rules for access to public information are regulated by the Law on Access to Public Information, hereinafter referred to as APIA.

According to Art. 2, Par. 1 of the APIA: "Public information is any information relating to public life in Bulgaria and enabling citizens to form their own opinion on the activities of those responsible under this act."

The types of public information are:

Official: "Official information contained in the acts of state bodies and local authorities in exercising their powers" - Art. 10 of APIA

Service: "Service is the information that is collected, created and stored in connection with official information as well as the activities of the authorities and their administrations" - Art. 11 of APIA.

Permissible restrictions on the right of access to public information are set out in Art. 7 APIA: "There shall be no restrictions on the right of access to public information and reuse of public sector information, unless it is classified information or other protected secret in cases provided by law."

APIA does not apply to information, and access may not occur, when it comes to information held in connection with administrative services of citizens and legal persons or is kept in the National Archives of the Republic of Bulgaria (Art. 8 APIA).

Rules for organisation and operating conditions under the Access to Public Information Act in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (requests for access to public information shall be submitted at Reception at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2 Alexander Zhendov Street, PO Box 1040 Sofia, Phone: +359 2 948 20 18, every working day from 9.30am to 5.30pm)

Application for Access to Public Information (Application form) (it is mandatory that it contains the following, pursuant to Art. 25, Par. 1, 2 and 4 of the APIA: full name, meaning the name and address of the applicant, description of the information request and mailing address of the applicant).

Fees: Access to information is granted upon payment in cash or into the account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the set fee under Order № 10 of Ministry of Finance of 10.01.2001, specifying the rules for the method of payment and receipt to be used in the provision of public information under the Access to Public Information Act.

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