Our Experience in Bulgaria Allows us to Help Our Partners in the Middle East

Nickolay Mladenov declared this in the UNESCO conference on democratization in the Middle East

“The events in the Middle East and North Africa are revolutions of a historic proportion and remind of the opening up of Central and Eastern Europe in 1989. The experience of Bulgaria obtained from our 20-year transition allows us to analyze and help with the situation of our partners in the Middle East”, declared Nickolay Mladenov at a round table in the UNESCO central office in Paris. The forum, dedicated to the democratization of the Middle East, was attended by intellectuals and political leaders from over 20 countries.

The role of Central and Eastern Europe in strengthening civil society, constructing pluralistic political systems and affordable healthcare and education for all in the Middle East and North Africa was the main discussion point in Nickolay Mladenov’s statement. He outlined the possibilities before international organizations like UNESCO to influence the region. At the same time, Mladenov declared his concern about the situation in Libya, Syria and Yemen.

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Interview of Bulgarian Foreign Minister for "Leaders and Decisions", SkyTurk

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