Recommendations for the Bulgarian citizens travelling and staying in Ukraine

According to the information from the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgariain Ukraine, from 12:00 pm on 19 February the movement to and from Kiev is blocked by the forces of the Interior Ministry and Internal troops. The situation in the western part of the country (Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions) is critical and there are armed clashes between anti-government forces and the police.

In connection with the escalation of the situation in Ukraine, MFA strongly advises Bulgarian citizens to refrain from travelling to Ukraine, and those who are already in the country to observe the following :

- Do not visit the central part of Kiev ;
- Avoid large gatherings, rallies and processions ;
- Obtain information about the situation in the cities of residence prior to travel.

All the other recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the situation in Ukraine remain in force.

Contact the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria to Ukraine:

Address: PO Box 01001 , Kiev , ul " Gospitalnaya " № 1
Tel.: +38044 246 72 37 , +38044 246 76 72
Fax: +38044 235 51 19
Duty contact number after working hours:: +38044 246 72 37 , +38044 246 76 72
E -mail: Embassy.Kiev @

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