Upcoming opening of the border checkpoint " Makaza Nymfaia "

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in active cooperation with Greece, agreed on the opening of the border checkpoint "Makaza Nymfaia" for motor vehicles caring passengers, comprising not more than eight seats, excluding the driver’s seat, and cargo vehicles not exceeding 3.5 tonnes. The agreed categories are based on the European Directive 2007/46 and the level of preparedness of the two countries at the time. The opening on local authorities’ level is expected to take place on September 9. The two sides have expressed their commitment to bring into full operation the checkpoint " Makaza Nymfaia " in the shortest possible period of time and to finish building the road infrastructure for heavy traffic.

The new border checkpoint "Makaza Nymfaia " will create opportunities for more intensive contacts between the people on both sides of the border and will enhance tourism and trade.

With the expansion of the infrastructure connecting us with our southern neighbor, Bulgaria continues to develop its pragmatic bilateral cooperation with Greece in the spirit of our excellent relations as neighbors, partners and allies.

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