Deputy Minister Georgiev joins Martenitsa Festival in Cincinnati
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George Georgiev, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, joined yesterday the traditional Martenitsa festival held at the Botanical Garden in Cincinnati.

The festival, organized every year, is an original meeting place of Bulgarian traditions, rituals and culture. This year the American visitors were instructed how to make martenitsas and how to write in Cyrillic characters. The guests were also familiarized with the origin and history of yogurt and of the kukeri (mummers) traditional ritual.

In his congratulatory address to our fellow nationals, Georgiev pointed out that Bulgaria is alive in the US through the exceptional diligence of warm-hearted and wonderful Bulgarians, who would do the best they could to keep the Bulgarian spirit alive abroad. The Bulgarian Deputy Foreign Minister also gave special thanks to Dimitrinka Ispiridonova-Partridge, the driving force behind those patriotic events celebrating our wonderful country. ‘It is my very special honor to bestow, together with the Bulgarian Consul General in Chicago, the Medal of Honor of the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad to Dimitrinka for her exceptional service to the Bulgarian Community and the Republic of Bulgaria,’ said Deputy Minister Georgiev to the gathered audience.

Later today, George Georgiev will have meetings with the Deputy Mayor of Cincinnati and the Bulgarian academic community in that city.

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