Ljubljana celebrates March 3 with the ‘Colourful Bulgaria’ exhibition
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The City Museum of Ljubljana marked the 140th anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria by hosting the ‘Colourful Bulgaria’ photographic exhibition of Ladislav Tsvetkov. Among the guests of honor at the event were the President of the National Council of Slovenia Alojz Kovšca, the Prosecutor General Drago Šketa, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Technology Eva Štraus, the former Prime Minister of Slovenia and current member of the European Parliament Alojz Peterle, and numerous other ranking representatives of Slovenian state and governmental institutions, diplomats, public figures and journalists.

In his speech at the opening of the exhibition, Ambassador Dimitar Abadjiev pointed out that ‘Colourful Bulgaria’, which highlights the natural beauty, folklore and cultural traditions of his country, is among the ‘cultural ambassadors’ of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU. Ambassador Abadjiev underscored the common priorities and values shared by our two countries as partners in the EU and NATO and the upward development of Bulgarian-Slovenian relations in all spheres.

Works by classical and modern European composers were performed by the young Slovenian musicians Jan Sever and Matjaž Poroune, both of them disciples of the Ljubljana Conservatory.

Bulgarian honour guardsmen at the March 3 celebrations in Skopje
George Georgiev takes part in ceremonial raising of the Bulgarian flag in Chicago

 Държавна агенция за българите в чужбина