George Georgiev takes part in ceremonial raising of the Bulgarian flag in Chicago

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs George Georgiev took part yesterday in the ceremony of raising of the Bulgarian flag in Daley Plaza in Chicago, marking the National Day of Bulgaria, March 3.

The ceremony, which took place in one of the central city squares, was attended by hundreds of our fellow nationals. Since 1962, every year on this day the Bulgarian flag flies in Chicago.

Deputy Minister Georgiev was a guest of honor at the festive concert of Bulgarian schools in that American city. In his congratulatory address to Bulgarian fellow nationals marking the occasion, George Georgiev pointed out that today, 140 years after one of the most glorious victories in Bulgarian history, we have more reason that ever to be proud of being Bulgarian. He added that we should be standing tall and proud when demonstrating what we are capable of as a nation. ‘Be always authentic Bulgarians and spread the Bulgarian spirit wherever you are. Welcome to Bulgaria!’ the Bulgarian Deputy Minister said in conclusion of his speech.

Today George Georgiev will be traveling to Cincinnati where he will deliver a lecture at the City University on ‘the EU and the priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency’. He will also meet with representatives of the local authorities and will talk with the Bulgarian academic community.

Ljubljana celebrates March 3 with the ‘Colourful Bulgaria’ exhibition
Happy National Day!

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