George Georgiev Takes Part in the Spinelli Meet-up on the Future of the European Union: ‘All Roads Lead to Europe’
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‘Bulgaria and the Bulgarian government work persistently for a strong and stable European Union. I am extremely happy that the majority of Bulgarians are pro-European and support both our membership of the EU and the Union as a whole,’ stated Deputy Foreign Minister George Georgiev during the European Parliament’s Spinelli Group meet-up held in Sofia on the future of the European Union, dubbed ‘All Roads Lead to Europe’. The event was held in the context of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

In his intervention at the forum George Georgiev underscored that the European Union needs purposefulness of its actions and consensus on the major all-European matters, if it is to succeed and attain its goals. ‘We should know what we want and how we can achieve it. If we act in disunion, there is no way to uphold our interests in the best possible way. The motto of our Presidency, “United We Stand Strong”, shows that we want to seek solutions to our problems together,’ he also said. Deputy Minister Georgiev also placed an emphasis on the European foreign policy as one of the defining factors for the future of the European Union.

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