Ekaterina Zaharieva meets Robert Singer, Chief Executive Officer of the World Jewish Congress
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Ekaterina Zaharieva, the Deputy Prime Minister for Judicial Reform and Minister of Foreign Affairs, met with the Robert Singer, Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of the World Jewish Congress.

‘The best thing that we can do in the fight against anti-Semitism is to educate our children better about everything related to the Holocaust,’ said Minister Zaharieva. She reminded her guest that this year, Bulgaria is marking the 75th anniversary of the rescue of its Jews during the Second World War, an event that wrote one of the brightest, most important pages in this country’s history.

‘My country shares the concern of the world Jewish community about some alarming attempts to rewrite or distort the history of the 20th century. Such attempts are totally unacceptable in the 21st century and Bulgaria opposes them in the most categorical terms,’ the Deputy Prime Minister said.

‘You must rest assured that the Bulgarian people have zero tolerance for any manifestations of anti-Semitism, while the Bulgarian authorities stand ready to respond without delay to any such act,’ Minister Zaharieva said. She and Robert Singer spoke in agreement that the good coordination between the National Coordinator on combating anti-Semitism, Dr. George Georgiev, the local authorities and the Jewish community lies at the core of preventing and resolving issues of that nature.

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