Ekaterina Zaharieva greeted the foreign ambassadors in Bulgaria on the forthcoming holidays
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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva greeted the ambassadors and representatives of the foreign diplomatic missions on the occasion of the forthcoming holidays during the traditional end-of-year reception, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sofia today.

Minister Zaharieva thanked the diplomatic corps in this country for the efforts made during 2017 for the strengthening and promotion of bilateral relations with Bulgaria. “We held a number of meetings and exchanged views on the most topical issues both in our countries and the world. I avail myself of this opportunity to express my gratitude for the recommendations made, the ideas shared and the practical assistance extended towards the attainment of our common objectives,” she said. Addressing the diplomats, Ekaterina Zaharieva emphasised that global and regional security, world and regional peace, respect for and observance of human rights, combating hunger, climate change and terrorism are part of the topics and will continue to pose challenges that need to be addressed with joint efforts.

“The coming 2018 is an important year for my country. As you know, the Presidency of the Council of the European Union is rotating to Bulgaria. Parallel with the work on the preparation and conduct of the Presidency, our bilateral and multilateral relations will be invigorated as well. We are open to any ideas that would enhance our cooperation and would influence favourably both regional and world politics.” “United We Stand Strong: this is the motto of the Bulgarian Presidency, and I strongly believe that only together and only united will we be able to find solutions to both local and global challenges,” Deputy Prime Minister Zaharieva emphasised during the function.

Winding up her remarks to the diplomatic corps, the Bulgarian Foreign Minister thanked her team and all her colleagues at the Ministry for their work and efforts not only in the preparations of the forthcoming Presidency but also for the promotion of Bulgaria’s good bilateral and multilateral relations.

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