Ekaterina Zaharieva received a delegation of China’s Henan Province

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva today received a delegation of China’s Henan Province, led by Su Fugong, Director of the Provincial Tourism Bureau.

The guests proposed the establishment of a Bulgarian tourist information centre in the City of Zhengzhou(pop. 9 million),for which they are ready to provide an office. The sides also discussed the idea to enable Chinese tourists to submit visa applications in that centre so as to ease their administrative servicing. At present, Bulgarian visas in China are issued only at the Embassy in Beijing and at the Consulate General in Shanghai.

Minister Zaharieva stressed the existence of a large untapped potential to attract Chinese tourists to this country. Twenty thousand citizens of the People’s Republic of China visited Bulgaria last year, while, by comparison, 500,000 of their compatriots chose the Czech Republic for holidays and travel.

Henan is China’s third most populous province, with 95.3 million inhabitants, and the fifth most powerful province in economic terms.

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