NATO and EU strengthen cooperation in areas of mutual interest

Deputy Minister Emilia Kraleva took part in a meeting of the NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Brussels on 5-6 December. The talks focused on NATO-EU cooperation, the fight against terrorism, the open door policy, the NATO-Georgia relations and the current challenges to security.

The foreign ministers hailed the progress achieved in relations between NATO and the EU and adopted additional measures for the promotion of cooperation between the two organizations in accordance with the 2016 Warsaw Declaration. The joint work includes fields such as exchange of information in the fight against terrorism and military mobility.

“Bulgaria attaches priority to NATO-EU cooperation. Assuming the Presidency of the EU Council in January 2018, it will work very actively for the fulfilment of this priority,” Deputy Minister Kraleva stressed in her statement. In particular, this cooperation involves support for the stability of the Western Balkans, the fight against terrorism, the provision of cyber security, countering illegal migration and development of strategic communications to address hybrid threats.

The allies discussed the possibilities for strengthening the NATO role in countering terrorism and the provision of assistance in the building of the defence capabilities of the partner-countries. Deputy Minister Kraleva singled out the considerable Bulgarian contribution to NATO’s efforts in Afghanistan, including participation with servicemen and financing.

Regarding NATO’s open door policy, the ministers were unanimous that the process of Euro-Atlantic integration is a key driving force behind reforms and the promotion of democratic values in the countries aspiring to membership of the Alliance.

A separate session was dedicated to the NATO-Georgia relations and the Georgian Foreign Minister joined the NATO ministers for this discussion. Georgia’s contribution to NATO’s efforts for guaranteeing security was praised. The participants in the session discussed possibilities for the promotion of cooperation in the field of security in the Black Sea region.

An official ceremony of presenting the logo of the meeting of the NATO Heads of State and Government was also held. It will take place in the Alliance’s HQ in Brussels on 11-12 July 2018.

Deputy Minister Georgiev confers with Canadian counterpart Ian Shugart

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