Ministry of Foreign Affairs Position: Bulgaria respects Spain’s territorial integrity

Bulgaria respects the constitutional order of the Kingdom of Spain, the rule of law and the principles of the legal State as fundamental values of the European Union and all its Member States. We support the preservation of the territorial integrity and the state sovereignty of Spain, which is our strategic partner and ally.

The unilateral declaration of independence of Catalonia does not meet the conditions for legitimacy and breaches the principles of the legal State, as evident from the decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Kingdom of Spain.

We voice concern over a possible escalation of tensions in the Autonomous Region of Catalonia of the Kingdom of Spain. We call on all powers in the country to engage in a constructive dialogue and to show responsibility and respect for legality, for protection of stability, unity and security of citizens. We trust the Spanish Government’s ability to deal with this difficult situation in accordance with the country’s Constitution and with the principles and fundamental civil rights enshrined in it. The stability and prosperity of friendly Spain are important for Bulgaria, for the EU and for the citizens of Europe. Unity, dialogue, solidarity and cooperation are the way to tackle the serious challenges facing Europe and the world.

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