Continuity in the foreign policy, modernisation of the diplomatic service and reforms for all Bulgarian citizens
Continuity in the foreign policy, modernisation of the diplomatic service and reforms for all Bulgarian citizens: these will be the foremost priorities in the work of the Deputy Prime Minister for Judicial Reform and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva, which she presented to the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and journalists as she took office.
“Minister Radi Naidenov and I have known each other for years. I am glad to take over precisely from you, Radi, we have always been like-minded,” the chief diplomat said, addressing her predecessor, caretaker Minister Radi Naidenov. “While I served as chief of staff to the President for some four years, my work was related to foreign policy, and it turns out that I know more than half of the foreign ministry directors. A person is nothing without a team. I rely on your skills and experience and on your willingness to make sure that Bulgaria is well represented in international politics.”
“The key priorities in this Government’s policy are the same that have been followed by a series of ministers down the years. The times are difficult. The Brexit negotiations will be in progress while we hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union,” Ekaterina Zaharieva said further on. “It is not true that our country does not have a strong say in the European Union. The world, however, does not end with Europe, and we must be a factor in our region as well. It is not easy – you see what is going on in neighbouring countries.”
Concerning her area of responsibility as Deputy Prime Minister: the judicial reform, Minister Zaharieva said: “We are not carrying out the reform for the sake of the European Union but for the sake of the Bulgarian citizens, regardless of whether a Cooperation and Verification Mechanism is in place or not.”
The former caretaker Minister of foreign affairs Radi Naidenov said during the transition ceremony: “I am pleased to welcome the new Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and, I should add, a good old friend of mine. I believe that a person of such experience and commitment to our country’s priorities is the best choice for us all. I am also glad that we have a Deputy Prime Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is a good sign of the expectations, as well as of the potential of the Ministry, both in respect of European policies and of the tasks arising from the forthcoming Presidency of the EU Council.”
Radi Naidenov wished success to the new Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, stressing that he will provide support to Minister Zaharieva in what lies ahead for our country in the coming months.
“I cannot but welcome the fact that a person, who has achieved tangible results, appreciated by all sides, in the judicial reform after so many years of efforts, is taking on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Naidenov added. He noted that there is continuity in the foreign policy, and the continuity existing at the Ministry is important for this country and for the foreign policy.
The caretaker foreign minister thanked the team with whom he had worked during his term in office for their professionalism and support.
Deputy Prime Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva will announce her team next week.
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