Radi Naidenov: “Consistency and continuity is de rigueur in diplomacy”
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“Having consistency, being predictable, enjoying our partners’ confidence is de rigueur in diplomacy. I am glad to see continuity at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in recent years, and such continuity is a good potential which we must build on,” caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Radi Naidenov said at his office-taking ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Minister Naidenov is a seasoned diplomat and professional, and I am especially glad and honoured to welcome him here in his new capacity as foreign minister,” his predecessor in office, Daniel Mitov, said for his part. “The change of persons is totally unimportant. What matters is to keep on the right track,” he stressed, expressing confidence that in Radi Naidenov’s person this country has a minister who will safeguard Bulgaria’s geostrategic course and will represent it in the best possible way.

“What EU and NATO membership gives us is a framework within which Bulgarian citizens can feel at ease and secure and can develop in a free world,” Daniel Mitov said. He noted that during his tenure as foreign minister he stood up precisely for the Bulgarian people’s European profile and civilisation choice. “We largely revived certain ties with traditional Western partners that had been lost and become a little worse for wear, we clearly told the rest that our friendship has to be earned, we sought and found like-minded partners, and we prioritised vigorous cooperation with our neighbours in the region,” Mitov emphasised further on. He thanked the Ministry personnel for the professionalism and devotion shown while they worked jointly.

“To be constructive, we need to be united, to stay together,” the new Minister of Foreign Affairs Radi Naidenov said for his part. He stressed the importance of consistency and continuity in this respect. He pointed out that the present-day world is rather volatile, confronting a number of challenges that are often defined as crises and a variety of events requiring quick response. “In this world, it is very important to be competent professionals, to know what we can possibly do, and to set ourselves realistic objectives,” the Foreign Minister added.

In his words, a caretaker cabinet has a short period in office but faces a number of tasks that one should handle responsibly. “Challenges are always new, which is why I will rely on the support of the Ministry team, of the people with whom I have worked so far as well, so that we could achieve positive results,” Minister Radi Naidenov went on to say.

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