EU committed to continue searching for a solution to the conflict in Syria

Minister Daniel Mitov attended a regular meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council, which took place in Brussels today. Syria, the Middle East peace process, the situation in the Western Balkans and Turkey, among other things, topped the Council agenda.

The chief diplomats of the Twenty-Eight discussed the situation in Syria after the cessation of hostilities brokered by Russia and Turkey. Support was expressed for UN Security Council Resolution 2336, and it was emphasised that the EU will continue to contribute to the efforts to find a solution to the conflict in Syria, and jointly with the UN is planning to host an international conference on Syria in Brussels in April 2017. Providing humanitarian assistance to relieve the suffering of the Syrian people remains a key priority of the EU.

“All initiatives in order to perform a political transition in Syria must be in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 and must be a part of the UN-led negotiating process,” Minister Mitov stressed in his statement. “Stabilising Syria would enable the gradual return of Syrian refugees to their home country,” he added.

The perspectives of the Middle East peace process (MEPP) were another leading subject in the Council agenda. After the MEPP international conference, organised by France in Paris on January, 15th there is a consensus that a resumption of the peace talks and all parameters of a resolution of the conflict must be agreed in direct negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

The EU foreign ministers discussed briefly the situation in the Western Balkans. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland informed his colleagues of his recent visit to Turkey.

Minister Daniel Mitov held a bilateral meeting with High Representative Federica Mogherini. The two considered the current foreign-policy challenges facing the EU, including the migrant crisis and the latest developments in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

Within the framework of his visit to Brussels, Minister Mitov hosted a meeting in a Bulgaria – Greece – Romania – Croatia format. The discussion covered items on the Foreign Affairs Council agenda, including the situation in the Western Balkans, and the four participants concurred on the need for all countries in the region to make an extra effort to maintain good-neighbour relations and stability in the region.

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